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Dropbox Features

One of the nicest things you can do, is that Dropbox file synchronization platform. For example, if you synchronize files on a Mac computer, want to move without problems with the product to move between the operating systems. The changes will be synchronized with the computer network. The interesting thing is that the program the user that the files were to changes in other groups of informed updated. This is done by a green check mark next to the files be updated. When the synchronization are connected, two blue arrows show the job.

Another useful feature is the window, all the files in the web interface. If you have accidentally deleted files and remembers that he is later, there is no alternative to the file%% u201D u201Cundelete websites. This is a very useful backup feature that can save you time and worry. In addition, if the files were updated, Dropbox hold back even earlier versions. The original is available if needed .
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